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    Meet the STEAM Team

    Amber Jadis

    Amber Jadis is the CEO and founder of STEAM PEI. She is a Professional Engineer with over 15 years experience in Electrical Engineering Consulting, specifically for the construction industry. In 2010, Amber earned a Masters in Business Administration and was eager to forge her own entrepreneurial path.

    Growing up in a family where both parents were teachers, the importance of education was always emphasized for Amber Jadis. Amber has combined her passion for science, technology, engineering, and math with her genetic disposition for teaching and offers courses for students of all ages. Amber has a passion for encouraging young people, especially girls and Indigenous students to pursue further education and careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Amber resides on Abegweit First Nation in Scotchfort.

    Kimberly Wishart Chu Foon

    Dr Kimberly Wishart Chu Foon is the Director of Partnership Development and Climate Science Specialist with STEAM PEI. Kimberly has a PhD in Environmental Science at UPEI and has conducted and published research on social network analysis and the  effectiveness of organization networks in conservation spaces. She has over 5 years of experience working on collaborative projects within small island communities which have focused on conservation, sustainability, environmental education and climate resilience and adaptability.

    Kimberly always had an avid interest in outreach and environmental education. When she worked as a Conservation Officer in her home country (Trinidad and Tobago), one aspect she enjoyed the most was being able to share her knowledge and experiences with youth. She believes it’s important to establish meaningful connections between young people and their natural environment.

    Haifa Vernet Augustin

    Haifa Vernet Augustin is STEAM PEI’s Director of French Programs. Haifa has an engineering/architecture education from Haiti with a number of years working in the field and has previously worked here on PEI managing programs for the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean for a couple years prior to coming to STEAM PEI.

    Haifa enjoys discovering the sciences behind EVERYTHING, from little details in everyday life to big events.

    Phoenix Horrocks

    Phoenix Horrocks is STEAM PEI’s Director of English Programs. She has a Masters in Educational Psychology and has taken a wide variety of STEM courses with minors in math and physics. She has experience educating students from preschool to university ages, with an emphasis on inquiry-based approaches and fostering curiosity. She has published papers on impacts of social support and motivation on STEM students’ well-being and academic success; consequences of emotion regulation in STEM degree programs; and effects of teacher-student relationships on teacher motivation and well-being.

    Tyler Green

    Tyler Green is a recent graduate of the Engineering program at UPEI and the Manager of the new Makerspace at Etl-kisite’tasik.

    Tyler has a lot of experience in STEAM, having interest in 3D printing, graphic design, and music.

    Emmanuelle Camara

    Emma is our bilingual educational facilitator. Emma loves teaching science and learning about everything else. Emma is a world citizen, having roots from 3 different continents and a multicultural background. Being a recent graduate from UPEI in Biology, Emma has experience teaching in labs and conducting experiments. She loves STEAM for the unique experience children can have to develop further interest in STEM related topics.

    Emma has developed a true passion for inquiry-based learning and is looking forward to creating and developing with STEAM PEI.

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